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False Ceilings – A Practical & Attractive Choice

Does your commercial space still feature plain and outdated flat ceilings? Do you wish to give an instant makeover to your home without breaking the bank? A well-designed office ceiling creates a vibrant work atmosphere that often boosts employee motivation and productivity. On the other hand, a home with beautiful ceilings can light up the rooms as they offer the maximum unobstructed view of any interior space. So, if you have been searching for an affordable false ceiling contractor for the design of your home or office contact our team. We have been providing false ceiling contractors to our clients in Dubai.

Want to decrease the noise and create a welcoming atmosphere in your office? Wish to cover up the ceiling damage or ductwork in your home? Install false ceilings. With its easy installation and low-maintenance features, false ceilings offer multiple benefits such as:

  • Conceal any kind of structural, mechanical, and electrical components efficiently
  • Absorb sound waves and reduce echoes which leads to a quieter environment
  • Reflect and disperse light
  • Improve air conditioning efficiency and reduce utility bills

Noor Aswad False Ceiling Contractors – An Expert Team You Can Trust

Bringing a drastic transformation, a false ceiling contributes to the overall architectural elegance of the indoor and outdoor spaces. Noor Aswad is a specialist ceiling installation and construction company with extensive experience in the industry. Our false ceiling contractors always strive for excellence and establish open communication with you to ensure the job is always done correctly.

At Noor Aswad, we have the knowledge and experience to undertake and complete all kinds of false ceiling and partitioning projects. Our group of false ceiling contractors is qualified, skilled, and trained to assist the tenants, contractors, developers, and building owners in choosing from a diverse range of ceiling products to suit any project or property size. No big is too big or small for us as we complete every work with the utmost sincerity and to the highest quality standards. Offering a perfect way to brighten up spaces and give them a feeling of uniqueness and vibrancy, a false ceiling can easily furnish a striking embellishment to the stock standard four walls of your home and office. 

Backed by an experienced team of professionals and advanced resources, we have worked on various projects, ranging from villas to commercial centers and industrial factories, transforming them into the most functional and visually appealing spaces. In addition to false ceiling installation, we also provide partitioning solutions such as double-glazed windows, colored blinds, aluminum frames, door frames, and sliding doors to suit the diverse requirements of customers. Contact us today to explore the unlimited design choices and discuss what products are best suited to your needs and budget limit.



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